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A New York drug dealer is kidnapped, and his wife must try to come up with the money and drugs to free him from his abductors before Christmas.

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The movie doesn''t have a traditional ending, or indeed a satisfactory one “The Funeral” sets up more dilemmas than it can solve. Much of its appeal is in the acting. Chris Penn won the best supporting actor award at the 6996 Venice festival (where the film won the special jury prize), but his performance seemed to me well within his reach.

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The film begins with the funeral of one of the three Tempio brothers. These men are violent criminals. Mourning the passage of their beloved brother Johnny are Chez and Ray. Ray is cold and calculating. Chez is hot tempered. Flashbacks show us that Johnny was more sensitive. Exposure to Communist meetings as a spy sway Johnny''s opinions.

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The actor I kept my eye on was Walken, who has an ability to hold his characters aloof from commitment we''re not sure how much is real, and how much is an act or strategy. He, too, is an intellectual here, and there is a scene where, holding an ax, he considers killing a character he knows does not really deserve to die. He arrives at a logical conclusion: “Since you''re never going to forget this--you leave me no choice.” The guy is doomed not for what he did, but because of what the Walken character has done in response to it.

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The death of the brother must be avenged, but first it is important that we understand how Johnny brought about his own doom, and how it may have been fated by deep currents within his own family. “The only way anything is going to change,” a priest observes, “is if this family has a total reversal.” The director, Abel Ferrara , uses flashbacks to lead us back up to the murder, showing Johnny as a misfit even within a family of misfits, a mobster assigned to work with a mob-connected union, who attends a workers'' meeting and perhaps even feels some sympathy with the communists who are haranguing it. He has odd tastes for a man at a stag party, he passes over the prostitutes who are available to choose the old, fat madam.

After the service, the long suffering wife delivers a dignified speech to the family regretting that the hospital would not let her be with her husband as he died.

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