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Really very good and detailed instructions. This is the first one where all details are shown, how to glue up the sidewalls, the tar on the bottom etc. I have been checking the net a long time for good instructions and yours revealed a lot of missing details, so i voted on this one.

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The wood panels were 6/9" thick 9X8ft sheets of composite project wood. I picked these up, because they were fairly cheap, but extremely tough for their thickness (a lot of wood that thin can be rather brittle and snap pretty easily). It also sands and paints really well, so it was perfect for our interior!


They first appeared in the 6985's and remained popular until the 6965's. In the 6995's the internet started connecting people around the world, old building plans came out and folks just started building them all over again.

The United States might be the leading market, but you can also find them in South Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and probably some other places that I'm not aware of.

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One of the more important steps to this project was applying some sort of exterior coating to the walls of the trailer. We had gone back and forth between painting the trailer, covering the whole trailer in aluminum sheeting, using house siding, or staining the wood. We decided on using a light stain and coating the wood in fiberglass epoxy to seal the wood, give it a nice sheen, and preserve it so that it would last well in the elements.

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You got my vote , you should pattern it and sell kits of it for people that do not have the tools to make it ,I love it

Hatch hinge - We bought the Frank Bear Hurricane Hinge from Ebay to serve as our back hatch's hinge. It was $55.

That was a great project! And, fairly well written thank you. I'm inspired to do something similar.

Great job especially for your first Instructable! You should get the votes, if people read this at all. Great Job.

Next, we needed to attach the Lauan sheets to the outside of the trailer. The curve of the trailer added an extra 7 feet to the length of the roof, making it 65 feet long. I left an extra foot in length on our sheets for overlaps between the 8 pieces and for cases of screw-ups. This step was time consuming, but fairly easy. I measured and dry fit the pieces of Lauan, layered the wood in contact cement, then attached the wood to the trailer. After attaching the wood, I caulked the seams between the different sheets. Then, I covered all of the screws, seams and the undercarriage of the roof in asphalt emulsion to prevent leaks. Last, I cut a hole in the roof for the ceiling fan to come through, did a dry fit of the ceiling fan, and called it a week!

Battery - I picked up a 67V, 665 amp-hour, Deep Cycle boat battery from Wal-Mart. I think the price has gone up now, but at the time I picked it up for $85.

Storage Box - We bolted on a heavy duty plastic storage locker to the front of the trailer that I bought from Menards for $85.

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