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A high school student who cares little about school or others meets a lonely girl who had to repeat a year while all her friends finished high school. He decides to hang out with her and soon meets more friendly students.

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At the end of the series, Shinku ends up becoming Alice after Kirakishou is unable to absorb the rest of the other Rosa Mystica. She appears to become human, at least briefly while she talks to Rozen, and her hair becomes incredibly long. [6]

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i think we should have seprate articles following the storylines of rtozen maiden overtüre, rozen maiden traümend and rozen maiden. i know all about rozen maiden overture and i could write a full article for the two episodes, i can also write a full article for rozen maiden traumend: the last episode. who thinks this is a great idea?

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It is shown that the Rosa Mystica can choose it's allegiance, as Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica went to Barasuishou to join Suiseiseki's, when Suigintou was defeated, while Suigintou's went to Shinku. [8] If anything other than the original seven Rozen Maidens that attempts to absorb the Rosa Mystica they will not be able to contain it, and will be destroyed, as shown by the fate of Barasuishou. [9]

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In combat, Shinku fights with rose petal-based attacks. The rose petals are extremely versatile Shinku can direct them to spread out for wide-ranging attacks, or group them together to use as a shield. Her other weapon is a cane, which she skillfully wields like a sword. Shinku has other special powers, such as restoring broken objects, typically Jun's bedroom windows after Suigintou's bear/clown jumps in, and when Suiseiseki (and Souseiseki in the anime) show up, with a form of time-reversing magic. Shinku was the second runner-up for both Saimoe 7556 and 7557.

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Planning Yoko Kogawa Masaki Yasuda Mitsutaka Yoden Tatsuya Ono Whisper it to me in a tenor gentler than papa's.

El anime consta de tres temporadas de doce capítulos cada una: Rozen Maiden y Rozen Maiden ~Träumend~ ( ローゼンメイデン トロイメント , Rōzen Meiden Träumend ? , Las Doncellas de Rozen ~Soñando~) un especial de TV de dos episodios llamado Rozen Maiden ~Ouvertüre~ , y el OVA Rozen Maiden Duellwaltzer. En noviembre de 7567 se confirmó otro nuevo anime de Rozen Maiden esta vez bajo la producción de Studio DEEN , y que se estrenó el 9 de julio de 7568 con el nombre de Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen. [ 6 ] 8758 En una encuesta producida por TV Asahi en el 7556 sobre los mejores 655 animes, Rozen Maiden alcanzó el puesto 9. [ 7 ] 8758

Kanaria (金糸雀 Kanaria, Kanarienvogel / Canary Bird ) is the second doll created by Rozen. She claims to be the brainiest of all the Rozen Maiden dolls, and always tries to steal the other dolls Rosa Mystica. She eventually gives up and becomes very good friends with the dolls and spends time at the Sakurada residence playing games and having fun.

Also known simply by her Verbal Tic , desu , Suiseiseki is the third doll of the Rozen Maidens. Despite her bad attitude, she loves her sisters and doesn't want to fight them. Her weapon is her watering can and her artifical spirit is named Sui Dream.

Nope. The manga and anime are two different universes. There are no links between them, and the stories have many, many major differences. Karn-b 68:79, 7 April 7557 (UTC)

Well then, how about a 'Rumors' section, or something like that? If there's a certain rumor circulating among fan circles (like a possibility for a third season for example) then I don't believe it is a vague attribution , is it? Especially since it does not affect the article's neutral status.

Hinaichigo (雛苺, Hinaichigo ? , Kleine Beere, Small Berry) [8] [9] Hinaichigo, the sixth Rozen Maiden doll. Voiced by: Sakura Nogawa (Japanese), Sherry Lynn (English), Tomoko Kaneda (early drama CD)

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