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You can using the configuration for your online collection choose to include all or only select groups, such as owned for keeps, owned for sale, wished or similar. By using the groups, you can use the online collection actively when selling or swapping titles on online forums or when family or friends would like to see your wishlist when buying gifts - link to your online collection, and other users can see titles you have for sale, for trade or which ones you are currently after.

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There is an option to scan the bar code of the movie to add it to your collection.  However, I had no success in scanning titles into my collection.  Titles kept returning as “not in database” but could be found by keyword search.

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I do like that your collection is backed up and easily synced between devices and the My Movies database is rather extensive.  The barcode entry has potential but whatever is preventing this feature from working needs to be fixed.

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So what's missing? The program could use a rent or lend module, a wish list and custom movie categories. It is for instance not possible to have a group of movies for children, the only option would be to sort by family genre. Movie identification is not always spot on, and it may take some manually editing to get it right.

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It displays all matches in a listing. Movies are added by selecting them with the left mouse button, a click on Get Info and another click on the Add button.

When the desktop software has all of your disks listed, you can then upload everything to your own free dedicated webspace on the My Movies server. I did this myself so you could look. The speed upon which everything is uploaded depends on how much you are sending over, but on the whole, it's quite a fast process.

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering if you've already seen that movie? Or if you lended it to someone?

If you are ready to share the details of your collection with a selected number of persons, but aren't ready to share it with the world, you can choose to password protect your online collection, and share the password only with the people that should be able to see the details your collection.

You can display a list of all your David Lynch movies stored on the computer's hard drives in seconds for instance. Backup and restore options are provided as well.

Browse and add your movies by barcode scanning and watch trailers for both titles in your collection and ones you scan.

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