Istanbul Agop XIST Mixed and Xist Power Series Cymbals - YouTube

This selection of tasty Turkish delights also comes with a rigid ABS carry case thrown in for free. This robust case sports an integral handle, central fixing bolt and accompanying large plastic nut. It&rsquo s roomy enough that, even with all five review examples in situ, there&rsquo s still space for a few extras should you add to your collection.

İstanbul Agop Xist Power - YouTube

The Istanbul Xist Series offers some of the most versatile cymbals in Istanbul Agop&rsquo s entire catalogue.

Istanbul Agop Xist

A healthy collection of hammer marks is visible across all of the cymbals - if it wasn't for the Xist logo you'd be hard pressed to distinguish them from any other Istanbul Agop cymbals.

Istanbul Agop Xist Cymbals at Memphis Drum Shop

To check out the 79 8798 ride, 77 8798 crash, and 65 8798 hi-hats, click below (or click here ).

Istanbul Agop XIST 20" Ride Cymbal in Natural Finish

Apart from the shop, you can discover a wide variety of additional things - forums, apps, blogs, and much more. Always with customised added value for musicians.

Istanbul Agop 20" Xist Ride | Reverb

The selection of Xists up for review are made up of a pair of 69" hi-hats, 66", 68" and 69" crashes and a 75" ride. All of the cymbals bore the lathed finish. The hi-hats, 66" crash and 75" ride are offered as a set, which also includes a free 68" crash and gig bag. Small hammer marks are visible below the fine lathing bands that cover the cymbals.

The Natural Xist offer a naturally clear, defined sound due to the traditional lathing, Brilliant Xist cymbals give you a crisp, bright tone with a quick attack, Xist Power cymbals as the name would suggest are a powerful, loud and cutting cymbal with a lot of projection and finally the Istanbul Xist iON cymbals give great trashy, aggressive tones with short sustain perfect for accents.

While the shaping of each Istanbul Agop cymbal is usually done under an artisan&rsquo s hammer, the Xist Series begins its journey as molten bronze poured into pre-shaped moulds, creating the profile.

The crash cymbals, although still ferocious, are more adaptable and can just about get away with being main crashes (genre dependant, of course). In fact, the more we use them, the more we crave the sheer assault that these cymbals bring. A regular crash cymbal becomes almost dull in comparison.

In keeping with the contemporary ambience, the typeface of the &lsquo Xist&rsquo graphic is now far more subtle compared to the cartoon look of some older Xist models. Partnered with a tasteful triangular logo, this gives the whole series an appealing, professional appearance.

The 66" versions work really well as a pair of x-hats, sounding very much like a Benny Greb-esque trash hat.

When compared to some of the more &lsquo traditional&rsquo or darker sounding models in the range, the initial &lsquo crash&rsquo of both may be just a tad sharper, but the tail off/sustain is not too dissimilar to a traditional model.

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