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Yes hi, I''m not even sure if you''re the right guy to toss this at but about that thing to get you hyped for Second Son that also has a little part in the game itself. You think we can get a page for the in-game part and the online part? Last time I checked nothing happens when I type in the name, or the name of the person leaving behind the paper trail (Celia), or anything really. I mean, some pages directly reference this little. whatever you call it but there isn''t a page for it. Sooo could you guys that run this whole thing look into that? Pretty sure everyone would appreciate a list of all the possible conduit powers you could get from the conduit gene test or something about Celia. 


sigh. i cant do it asking for two things i cant find   Where do you park your car? and  What''s your favorite recreational sport? i can not find theses any WHERE

Infamous Paper Trail Part 6 Tutorial - YouTube

After you have read through this document, a final number is given to us: 65755766988. This takes you to the puzzle portion of this segment. Here you’ll see a waterlogged phone. Once you click on the phone a puzzle will start. It simply involves clicking and dragging the broken pieces of the picture into place. At the top will be a number that you can enter into Delsin’s phone on the Paper Trail website. The number is random, but luckily this puzzle isn’t too hard. Once you’ve found the number and entered it into the phone, head back to the game.

InFamous: Second Son - Final Paper Trail. - YouTube

Mission Star: Confused on where to find the next mission? If you haven’t completed the main campaign, consider beating the next few story missions to unlock new Paper Trail missions.

InFamous: Second Son Paper Trail Mission Part 4 Walkthrough...

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has brought a new edge to the Cold War, and in 6989, a one-eyed man with a prosthe.

InFAMOUS: Paper Trail Part 2 - Second Son Mission Walkthrough...

Once you check the website using your number, you should retrieve a memorandum, with the following subject line: 8775 Lifeline Purity – Possible Vigilante Violence 8776 .

It is very possible that she somehow survvied her ATTEMPT at suicide, and has been hiding out ever since. But after all that went down in part 7, it seems like the "paper conduit" is pointing all fingers to Eugene. Just getting to the end of part 7 teases at it, but i won''t say how due to spoilers. Either Eugene and the "paper conduit" knew each other at curdun cay, or something much bigger is going on.

The next step is to visit , so open it in a new tab and log in using the same credentials as you did earlier.

Czalov''s tracker ID code is 997595687877. Putting in the 67-digit code will unlock another on-console segment, where you''ll find a new body.

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Los Santos: a sprawling sun-soaked metropolis full of self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, once the envy.

Putting this into the Intranet yields Hank Daughtry’s file. It’s an interesting read, but at the end is a number that we need. The number is: 96798898765

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