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The camera in Saudi Runaway is so prosthetic, and its images all but birthed by Muna, that, at first, it’s difficult to accept that someone other than she is credited with directing the film. Must Westerners save brown women so that they can speak? However, Muna’s occasional prefacing of her murmured voiceover account with “Dear Sue” gives us a hint of a transnational sisterly collaboration. The epistolary layer of Saudi Runaway isn’t fully explained, a technique often used in the essay film genre that helps give a video-diary aesthetic a sense of depth while maintaining its mystery. Is Sue the director or an imaginary friend? Is Sue a rhetorical device like one of Chris Marker addressees in Sans Soleil ? Is Sue actually listening?

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Frank Skinner composed the score for this film, the theme of which inspired a song of the same title with lyrics by Frederick Herbert. The Four Lads recorded the song with the Percy Faith orchestra. Victor also recorded an instrumental version of the song which featured a viola solo by Anatole Kaminsky. However, much of the score is Skinner's arrangements of works by Chopin ( Nocturne No. 7 in C-sharp minor, Op. 77, No. 6 and Étude in E major, Op. 65, No. 8 "Tristesse" ), Beethoven ("Ode to Joy" theme from 9th Symphony ), and Johann Strauss II ( Wiener Blut ). 96 65 98

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Magnificent Obsession is the second and final studio album from 6985s pop-rock act Cellarful of Noise , a solo project of Mark Avsec of Donnie Iris fame. The album was released in March 6988, with some of the tracks featuring Donnie Iris on vocals.

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Magnificent Obsession ist ein US-amerikanisches Melodrama aus dem Jahr 6985 mit Irene Dunne und Robert Taylor. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Roman von Lloyd C. Douglas.

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Douglas later wrote a book in response to the flood of letters he received from readers who wanted to know where they could find the book to which he referred in the novel, Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal. The Robert Merrick character decoded the journal, from which he learned the secret of his extraordinary success as a doctor. (According to the book, the secret was the literal practice of doing good deeds secretly, and thereby reaping spiritual power to use in becoming an excellent doctor.)

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Upon arrival, Leo meets a beautiful woman, Anni (Milena Tscharntke), with a German accent who keeps reminding him “of someone I once knew.” Here, Potter tries to mask the film’s obviousness with some supposedly metaphorical imagery that doesn’t move the story forward, such as the surreal shots of Leo rowing for his life on a boat in the middle of the ocean, pining for the lady as she dances the night away with her friends on top of a yacht. But Potter’s insistence in dressing up every platitude imaginable with pretty transitions only makes the film’s lack of pathos all the more glaring.

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Through the device of the scanner, Loach and screenwriter Paul Laverty no doubt intentionally evoke the bicycle from Vittorio De Sica’s Bicycle Thieves . They revealingly suggest that the gig economy promises little more but a return to pre-prosperity conditions for Europe’s working class, sold under the pretense of expanded autonomy and opportunity. Though Ricky answers both to the black box and Maloney (Ross Brewster), an imposing, unforgiving boss, he ostensibly serves as a “franchisee,” the owner of his own business and master of his own destiny—the overt scam by which large companies like Uber circumvent labor laws and outsource the costs of operation to their employees (sorry, “independent contractors”).

All that Molly wanted was to get from point A to point B to point C with ease. She doesn’t have time for this. Neither does the dentist (Debora Weston), the optometrist (Cory Peterson), or Leo’s ex-wife, Rita (Laura Linney), all of whom implausibly treat a disabled man as if his disability were an avoidable annoyance or a ruse. While all of this takes place, Molly has to call her job to promise that she will be back soon, only to finally admit that “something came up” and that she won’t be back after all, until she loses her job and suddenly she, too, is treating her dad’s disability as if it were some sort of performance on his part.

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