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Breaking Amish S01E03 Breaking All the Rules - YouTube

''My family is livid because they took him in and cared for him, now he is doing this? I''m not surprised at him. What surprised me was TLC. My kids and I watch TLC. They are supposed to be a family channel. For them to do this is appalling.''

Jumping the Fence | Breaking Amish | Available Full Episodes

Wow, I did this without one capital and no exclamation points. PS: the emphasis should always come from context, not type style. And I meant “always” without emphasizing it with italics.

"Breaking Amish" Final Days (TV Episode 2012) - IMDb

Now the TLC site explains: ''Breaking Amish offers an unprecedented look into a rarely seen world, following four Amish people and one Mennonite as they forgo horses and buggies for New York City''s taxis and subways'' - taking out any reference to ''first time'' in New York City.

Breaking Amish Season 3 Episode 4: Full Episode Live! - TV Fanatic

Jeremiah makes a desperate plea for Carmela to return Dawn and Shelly go full English Lowell must make a difficult call to his Mennonite parents Mary takes a risk that could threaten her standing in the Amish community Sabrina says good-bye.

Meet Bates | Breaking Amish - YouTube

The show premiered last night. Anyone who saw it, what did you think? Predictable? Were there any redeeming qualities? Pleasant surprises? I’ll end up viewing an episode or two, but in the meantime interested to hear what you thought.

While the opening installments of this TLC hit focused on bringing the five new characters to New York City and on how their lives there would be so different from their lives at home, this week''s edition honed in on Matt and Miriam in particular.

In the season finale, an unexpected visitor arrives to see Mary and Katie Ann Jeremiah returns from Puerto Rico with a new perspective and Sabrina makes a decision about her future.

Follows five adults who find the courage to leave their restrictive Amish communities. The group head to New York City, where the somewhat sheltered youths begin experimenting with. See full summary

Yet more doubts have been raised over the authenticity of ''reality television'' show Breaking Amish after one character revealed she has been divorced, which is rarely allowed in the Amish community.

The men and women of Return to Amish are together again for a revealing one-hour reunion special. Hosted by NBC''s Michelle Beadle, we''ll delve into the lives of each person and hear what they''ve been up to since the show ended.

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