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MUMBAI: The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase an interesting twist and turn.

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In November 7569, Ekta Kapoor revealed, "When I started Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, I remember going to Gaurav Banerjee from Star Plus and asking him for a non prime time slot because I wanted to do a show on a social issue. I had stopped doing much television and I wanted to make YHM without the trappings of a TRP driven show. A show about a woman who cannot have children, a stepmother who according to Indian terms is considered bad! Words in India like barren and evil stepmother got used so often and labelled women in the worst poss way. This show got so much love that it went on for six years. And from a non prime time slot to a prime time slot." 96 69 98

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The story is partially based on Manju Kapur 's novel, Custody. [9] Set in Delhi , the show follows the love story of Tamil dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer and Punjabi CEO Raman Bhalla. [5] [6] Ishita and Raman's daughter, Ruhi become emotionally attached to each other. Due to circumstances, Raman and Ishita marry each other later fall in love. [7]

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MUMBAI: In the forthcoming episodes of YHM serial, Ishita will lend her full support to Ruhi when she will learn the shocking.

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He says its fun to see her like this, and asks her to smile on his victory. He asks don’t you want to know how I did this. She says say it. He laughs and says Mrs. Bhalla was worried for his son and asked you to stop this relation. She says and you heard it. The FB shows Parmeet hearing Ishita promising Mrs. Bhalla. He says Sarika is not so innocent and so I thought to attack two people by one arrow, as you were listening my talk, I did the same, you don’t learn from mistakes, how did you go leaving phone at home in my presence. FB shows Ishita leaving, and Parmeet seeing her mobile.

A miraculous shape-shifting snake having the power to become a human she can be anybody she wants - a wife, a seductress, a mistress, a damsel in distress - all in the name of revenge.

She insults Sarika calling her characterless. Romi defends Sarika. Ishita says what are you doing here, and why is Parmeet’s name on the register. Simmi says its good we came inside, Ishita did this. Parmeet looks on from far and says Ishita ji, what will you answer you, her plan backfired. He comes and asks her what is she doing here, I got your missed call, maid said you all came here, I tracked your phone and came here, why is Romi and Sarika ji doing with him here. Sarika asks Romi to say why are we here. Simmi says Ishita got us here as she had doubt that you are here with some girl. Parmeet says how can she say this and how can Simmi come here to blame me.

Later, a scheming lawyer Nidhi kidnaps Pihu. In order to rescue Pihu, they forget about Ruhi thus Nidhi kidnaps Ruhi and takes her away.

Actor Vivek Dahiya, known for TV shows like "Ye Hai Mohabbatein" and " Shaktiyon Se", believes there is no harm in being choosy.

The car hits the tree and stops. She says move, move, damn it. She comes out and gets drenched in the rain. She has wine bottle in her hand and drinks. She pushes the tree trying to move it. She tries taking lift. Ishita comes there and sees Shagun. Shagun says hi Ishita. Ishita says Shagun, here at this time. She asks what are you doing here alone. Shagun says Biwi no 7 meets Biwi no 6.

Destiny takes usual turn Ishita met with Ruhi and started loving her deeply after a single meet Ruhi also attract toward Ishita so much she started looking Ishita as her mother. Because of Ruhi Raman and Ishita met and get married for the sake of Ruhi and their family but with time they started feel for each other and fall in love with each other then story goes on with lots of drama, family and business conspiracy which make trouble for Bhalla family Ishita and Raman always try to cope up with things.