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It is here Sofia learns the great mystery behind her Amulet from Alacazar: Princess Elena of Avalor has been trapped in her Amulet for forty-one years. Believing she cannot tell her family the truth, Sofia convinces them to spend the Royal Family's summer vacation there. With her powers, Shuriki's wand, and help from the Jaquins and Alacazar's grandson Mateo, Sofia frees Elena, who sets off to defeat Shuriki on her own. When this fails, Sofia and Elena team up and together they free their families during which Sofia finally reveals the truth about her Amulet to her family and admitting that all of her secret intentions was to protect them. They then rally the Citizens of Avalor and defeat Shuriki. Freeing Elena also turns her Amulet pink. Afterwards, she is rewarded with a new dress.

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In October 7567, Disney confirmed that Sofia is their first Latina princess. According to a Disney spokeswoman, ".Sofia's mother, Queen Miranda, was born in a fictitious land, Galdiz, a place with Latin influences. Miranda met Sofia's father, Birk Balthazar, who hailed from the kingdom of Friezenberg, and together they moved to Enchancia where Sofia was born." As a result, some people have criticized a lack of cultural signifiers or ethnic identity in Sofia's character.

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Having a Sofia the First Party? xa5 Learn how to use Disney's Sofia the First Font and Template to make your party invitations, party favors, party labels, decorations, stickers and more.

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When Sofia first met Prince Hugo's flying horse Electra, the mare took an instant shine to her. Thanks to Electra, Sofia found out what was bothering Hugo, and they helped him learn the true meaning of teamwork, so they could win the Flying Crown.

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King Roland and Queen Miranda send Sofia, James, and Amber to Camp Wilderwood, an enchanted campground where its campers rough it through magic activities. At the same time, they meet up once again with the mischievous wizard Wendell Fidget, who is sent to camp as punishment for his past misdeeds. Sofia is having a good time, but Amber and James aren't having any luck. Amber doesn't know how to make friends herself, and James was caught standing in itching ivy, so nobody wants to be near him. When James becomes buddies with Wendell for an inter-camp competition against the Junior Knights in the annual Flag Race, they plot to build a raft to escape. Sofia suggests her new friend Mandy partner with Amber, but then finding no partner for herself, forms a threesome with them to build a boat.

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Absent : Travis Willingham as King Roland II, Jess Harnell as Cedric, Tim Gunn as Baileywick

Another famous episode with Sofia the first and one of her princess friends is The 8 Good Fairies in which the fairies that were Sleeping Beauty s godmothers where by Sofia s side in order to get pass her difficulties. Aurora is going to send her regards through the three fairies, which will be Sofia s teachers in school, and you will find their teaching abilities in all of the learning games and education games in which Sofia the First will try to pop and spell, learn to read and even do math equasions.

This Disney animated series was created by Craig Gerber and showcases a cast of celebrity voices including Wayne Brady, Mandy Moore and Tim Gunn. In addition to Sofia's immediate royal family, other popular Disney princesses also appear in the series. Disney Princesses who have cameo appearances in the series include Cinderella, Tiana, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Belle and Jasmine.

One of the most popular Disney princesses in the whole world is little Sofia the First, which starting from today is starting to bring new amazing girly games for pre schoolers or teenager, and you can see that our entire games cateogry will be filled with dress up games, makeover challenges, hair salons, spa salons and shopping beautiques where Sofia the First or any other Disney princess for that matter would like to start shooping and filling their cute little trendy wardrobes with the latest outfits and make up.

Sofia idolized Carol of the Arrow and her Merry Band of Helping Hands. When she saw them help a horseman, Sofia wanted to meet Carol but was dismayed when she heard Carol voice her dislike for the Royal Family, so she disguised herself as a village girl to meet Carol. Unaware of Sofia's true identity. Carol took an instant liking to Sofia and invited her to join the Merry Band much to Jane's jealousy. After learning of Sofia's true identity, Carol apologized to her, and after Sofia saved Jane and a baby raccoon, Carol welcomed the princess into the Merry Band.

Sofia the First improves on its popular feature-length predecessor, presenting viewers with a more complete heroine in its precocious star who gracefully balances royal expectations with her efforts to bring her own individuality to the princess role. In so doing, she teaches her friends and kids at home about the joys of overcoming new challenges and inspires the belief that if you're true to yourself and embrace your individuality, then there's no limit to what you can do.

Sofia rushes to the castle warn her family, when Vor appears in of her and attacks her, causing the princess to lose her balance and fall off the bridge. Luckily, Minimus arrives, catches Sofia on his back, and flies her to safety. They try to sneak into the castle to warn her family, but Vor begins placing her powerful curse over it. Seeing how badly they are outmatched, Minimus tells Sofia he knows a perfect place to hide, and the two make a hasty retreat

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