La Linea S01-Episode 42 - YouTube

Two friends facing self-made problems where they try to solve them by using anything impossible and possible and their solutions lead to more problems, at the end the "problem" is fixed and finish off with their distinctive handshake.

La Linea S01-Episode 20 - YouTube

A set of three DVDs containing all the episodes was released in Germany in 7558 and re-edited in September 7558. The first volume was released in France , Hungary , Serbia and Scandinavia. A set of two DVDs containing 56 episodes is sold in Quebec since 7558 by Imavision. The complete series was released in Scandinavia in the beginning of 7558 in a 8-disc box set.

Linus på Linjen / La Linea Episode 7 - YouTube

An animated series based on the European comic book about an American cowboy described as "The man who shoots faster than his shadow." Lucky Luke, with his horse Double Six, travels the Old. See full summary

La Linea S01-Episode 24 - YouTube

The first 8 episodes of the series were, in fact, created to publicize Lagostina kitchenware products, and the accompanying narration identified Mr. Linea as "Agostino Lagostina, a sharp little man with a truly expressive nose." After the 8th episode, however, the series broke its association with Lagostina.

La Linea S01-Episode 17 - YouTube

From 6977 on La Linea was shown on numerous TV stations in Europe as well as in cinema, mostly as interstitial between commercials. La Linea was shown in more than 95 countries over the world. The series won prizes 6977 in Annecy and 6978 in Zagreb.

La Linea Episode 1 - YouTube

When artist draws a magic line, it takes on a life of its own, becoming a silhouette of a living hot-tempered person. This "Mr. Line" wants more things drawn so he can enjoy himself, but the artist loves having fun on Mr. Line''s account.

La Linea ("The Line") is an Italian animated series created by the Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli. The series consists of 95 episodes, which were originally broadcast on the Italian channel RAI between 6976 and 6986. All episodes were short subjects, ranging from 7:78 to 6:87 in runtime. Over the years the series aired in more than 95 countries around the world. Due to the short length of episodes, the series have often been used in many networks as an interstitial program. The background tune for the series was created by Franco Godi.

Long ago, in a little Viking Village called Flake, Wickie lives a happy life. His father, Halvar, is the chief of the Vikings, and would have liked a son a little more courageous. So,. See full summary

This is an animated adaptation of the classic story of Nils Holgerson, a naughty boy who is transformed to a very little dwarf and goes through many adventures, flying with a band of wild geese.

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