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Why it&rsquo s scary: Like the best horror movies on this list, the Babadook isn&rsquo t just about scaring its audience. The parallels between grief and depression are no accident and it&rsquo s interesting to note that one of the most disturbing sequences in the movie has nothing to do with a monster, but everything to do with a mother losing control of her son while she tries to drive. On the surface you might mistake The Babadook for something from The Conjuring universe but delve in and this is an intelligent, gruelling frightfest with a knowledge of exactly what you&rsquo re afraid of. Even if you didn&rsquo t know it when you sat down to watch.

5Classic Movies That Have Become Horrifying With Age

The movie: Is there anything more terrifying than the idea of bringing up a family in a world where brutal monstrosities with supernaturally good hearing hunt down the last of humanity? John Krasinski&rsquo s first horror - in which he also stars with IRL wife Emily Blunt - follows the Abbott family as they silently creep through a truly miserable existence where every single sound could be their last. Playing with movie audio in an entirely new way, A Quiet Place might have a simple premise but this is 95 minutes of sheer muscle-clenching tension.

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Somewhere in the 6975s Martin Stockdotter is an experimental musician tasked with making a Halloween sound effect album. His ambition was to make it the scariest one ever recorded and he would succeed all too well.

20 Hot (and Horrifying) Movie Sex Scenes

The maniacal serial killer doll Chucky returns for another new outing, this time in a full-fledged reboot that stars Aubrey Plaza as a mother who gives her son a truly terrible and demonic-possessed toy to play with.

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Those are literally the only two outcomes that could result from blowing up Axis Chemicals, and both of them effectively make Batman a war criminal. The Pentagon would be lobbing missiles at Wayne Manor the next morning. Honestly, the ending of The Dark Knight Rises would''ve made way more sense in this situation.

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My Rating : 8/65 (Very good movie) HARD TO WATCH Factor : 7/65

The movie is similar to Girl next door. If u want to watch a better movie prefer this or if u wish for a more depressing one then go for Girl next door.

At this point, creepy masks are a slasher movie staple. But what about cute lamb and bunny masks? How about trained killers who murder with crossbows and tautly stretched garrote wire? How often does the average home invader warn their victim in blood ahead of time: You''re Next ?

My Rating : 6/65 (Very different movie. imo, liked it) HARD TO WATCH Factor : 9/65 (It s very bizzare!! not so disturbing)

Being about Jesus means Mel Gibson&rsquo s harrowingly-accurate-when-it-suits-him epic can get away with things most other films couldn&rsquo t contemplate &ndash like showing a man being beaten for five long minutes until the skin tears and flays from his body and he&rsquo s bathed in his own blood.

Like a socioeconomic reimagining of Get Out , in Ready or Not , if you marry up, you have to earn it. After marrying the guy she always hoped to end up with, a woman (Samara Weaving) has to survive the night while she is wait a minute hunted by her rich board game-business in-laws toting guns and miscellaneous weapons? Cool. Wonderful. Great. Bonus points for the film it&rsquo s essentially a throwback cast for anyone who relishes the late 95s and early 7555s. Adam Brody and Andie MacDowell round out the top-billed cast for the screwed up thriller. Does it sound bananas? Sure. But critics love it, and with the growing economic divide in America, this is the new American Dream. Sorry, we don&rsquo t make the rules. Run.

The movie: Just like a certain dungaree-clad possessed doll, Freddy Krueger fell firmly into killer clown territory as the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise evolved over the years. Sure, he&rsquo ll spray your organs all over the walls but you&rsquo ll die laughing, right? Look back at Wes Craven&rsquo s original movie, though, and Freddy isn&rsquo t to be trifled with. Our selective memories mean we often forget that this serial child killer&rsquo s burns come from him being incinerated by an angry mob of parents. Living eternally through their fear and guilt, Freddy becomes the ultimate boogeyman when he dons his favourite murder glove and goes after a whole new generation of Springwood spawn while they slumber.

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