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Look at the FX shot of a flying Ralph as he dives down and his arm smacks a tv antenna, breaking it off. The antenna and rooftop it's attached to are miniatures added to the background plate.

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Amazingly, Bob Hastings, who appeared as Pam's father in the first season, turns up yet again in another sports commentator role. He was last seen performing the same duties in It's All Downhill from Here.

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In the Mystery Science Theater 8555 episode The Pumaman , Crow T. Robot sings the theme song with the words "Believe it or not, this movie's still on, it should have ended two hours ago."

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Troy Slaten, the Carlini, is probably best known for his role in the FOX series "Parker Lewis Can't Lose."

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When Katt lands in front of the fire man, there is a pane of glass between him and the flame. When the flame shoots out towards him, it hits the glass and spreads out, making it look like it's hitting him. It was a cool effect making it appear the suit was protecting Ralph, plus keeping Katt from the dangerous flame at the same time.

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One of the oldest stock shots of the series can be seen as Ralph (Katt's double) takes off towards the Hunting Club.

In the same flight there's a shot looking from the ground up. As Ralph passes over the camera the image of Katt's body looks flat, like a photograph.

The original  Greatest American Hero  was cheesy even by '85s standards, and it's not yet clear if the reboot will ramp up the satire or create another lovable, family-friendly superhero television show (like  The Flash ). The list of capable creators makes it seem possible that this series could work, but the next big hurdle is casting a charming lead with legit comedy skills. One also hopes they have hair incredible enough to compete with original star William Katt's 85s mane of curls.

This is the first episode to use the silly, "ah, no" during the shakey flight scenes, instead of the better first season screams or no screams at all.

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Fruchbom is a writer-producer on ABC&rsquo s Fresh Off the Boat, created/executive produced by Khan, and previously worked on NBC&rsquo s Parks and Recreation. She is repped by UTA and Gang Tyre.

In the pilot episode, while Ralph ponders whether to accept the suit, he observes his son watching the Super Friends cartoon. Batman is heard to say, "We need one more Super Friend who can fly!" In a later scene, having yet to convince Pam he really is a superhero, Ralph jokes, "Look at it this way. You're one step ahead of Lois Lane: she never found out who Clark Kent really was." In "Saturday on Sunset Boulevard", Ralph needs to change his clothing quickly. Seeing a telephone booth, he grumbles, "No! Never!", but ends up using it. Later, while Ralph struggles to get changed in the back of Bill's car, Bill notes "We need to get you a bigger phone booth."

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