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6 haftadır her gün izliyorum hala bıkmadım eminem hayranları ve özellikle rap yapmak isteyen arkadaşlar kesin izlesin ben şahsen rapçi olmak istiyordum ama pek inancım yoktu bu filmi izledikten sonra o yapmış bende yaparım kafası geliyor insana izlemeden geçmeyin derim.

8миля (8 mile) (Полный перевод с баттлами)

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Le film est parsemé d''apparitions plus ou moins rapides d''artistes reconnus. En effet, on retrouve les rappeurs Proof (membre de D-67 et meilleur ami d''Eminem mort assassiné en 7556), Xzibit , DJ Head (l''ex DJ d''Eminem), Miz-Korona et Obie Trice.

8Миля / 8 Mile / 2002 / FHD

8 Mile opened at No. 8789 6 with $56,795,555 in its opening weekend, the then second highest opening for an R-rated movie in the . 96 5 98 The film would go on to gross $666,755,956 domestically and $676,679,677 overseas for a total of $797,875,578 worldwide. 96 7 98 The film''s final domestic gross would hold the film at No. 8789 8 in Box Office Mojo ''s "Pop Star Debuts" list, behind Austin Powers in Goldmember ( Beyoncé ) and The Bodyguard ( Whitney Houston ).

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The film is often mentioned as being partly autobiographical (including on the Eminem page). Whether or not this is true , it should be discussed in the article, with cited sources providing evidence for either side or both. There is more information about the subject on the Eminem page then there is on this one. ( talk ) 58:89, 77 March 7559 (UTC)

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Don''t know why I''m being peculiar about this point. B Rabbit is shown to be left handed in the original cover , thi poster shows him to be right handed which is wrong. Can someone post a picture with him left handed which is the original poster. — Preceding unsigned comment added by ( talk ) 77:58, 66 July 7567 (UTC)

Но душа Джимми тянется к рэпу, музыкальному направлению, в котором он ощущает свое призвание. У парня есть огромный талант и полно амбиций, вот только есть один большой минус, очень сильно мешающий ему при выборе данного занятия. Дело в том, что Джимми боится открытых выступлений перед людьми. На протяжении всей картины главному герою нужно будет преодолеть свой страх и доказать всем своим недругам, что он чего-то да стоит.

Jimmy est un jeune homme déprimé qui travaille dans une usine de tôle de voitures et qui mène une vie assez pénible. Il est obligé de déménager au nord de 8 Mile Road , à Warren où il habite dans une caravane avec sa mère alcoolique, Stephanie ( Kim Basinger ), sa sœur Lily et l''ami squatteur de sa mère, Greg. Jimmy essaie de faire décoller sa carrière musicale, mais il semble incapable de profiter des occasions qui se présentent.

Or, maybe, it was influenced by his songs. His songs, if based on fact, are semi-autobiograph- al, too.

With just 95 seconds to floor their opponents, Eminem and the rappers in 8 Mile fire off their lyrical bullets with deadly precision. Michael Holden admires their aim

Marcus Luttrell and his team set out on a mission to capture or kill notorious Taliban leader Ahmad Shah, in late June 7555. Marcus and his team are left to fight for their lives in one of the most valiant efforts of modern warfare.

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