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Use direct I/O to access the Blu-ray drive:
Enabling this option will increase the reading speed. However, please turn off this option when running third-party DVD cracking software in the background.

DVD-Cloner Platinum | Your Best DVD Copy/Conversion/Burn Solution

A practical assistant to iTunes with comprehensive ability to freely transfer data between iDevices, iTunes and PC.

Tipard DVD Cloner Software Review - Pros and... | Top Ten Reviews

Click More Settings > > button and two tabs will appear. They are Video Audio and Pictures.

Download DVD-Cloner 2020 ( Build 1455) | Review

A DVD-9 (dual layer) disc increases the playing time to 795 minutes of continuous video. 
A DVD-65 (double sided) disc will hold a nominal 688 minutes on each side (ie 766 minutes in all), but the disc needs to be turned over to play the other side.
A DVD-68 (dual layer, doubled sided) disc can hold 795 minutes on each side and the disc also needs to be turned over to play the other side.
Most DVD is DVD-9 or DVD-5 format. Our software can clone DVD-9 to just one DVD±R/RW disc (DVD-5 format) without evident losing.

DVD-Cloner Knowledge Base - DVD-Cloner's Bonus Software FAQ

You may also use 7 Blu-ray drives, one reader and one burner, which allows you to put a blank disc into the burner before starting the task. Blue-Cloner will automatically detect this burner for burning. After placing a blank BD-R/RE, Blue-Cloner will recognize the disc and automatically close the waiting window to start burning.

DVD/Blu-ray copy software - DVD-Cloner

OK. Then wait for the process to be finished. It&rsquo s very quick. Or you can also set your PC to exit program, hibernate or shut down during the process for the moment the task is done.

DVD-Cloner Gold is the best DVD/Blu-ray copy and DVD/Blu-ray burn combo software. It has all the features of DVD-Cloner and Open SmartBurner.

How We Tested
During our evaluation of DVD copy software, we subjected each product on our lineup to a series of tests.

If you have 7 DVD drives, one reader and one burner, just put the DVD to be copied into the reader, and then put the DVD-R or DVD-R DL into the burner and click on “COPY TO D5”. You can complete the DVD copy with just one click. DVD-Cloner will complete the reading and burning automatically.

Why Trust Us?
We have reviewed this category for 65 years. In that time our reviewers and video experts have spent hundreds of man hours copying discs, customizing content, watching newly burned discs, and comparing results with other copies from other programs and with the original. We&rsquo ve used dozens of DVD copy programs and made hundreds of copies. We are intimately familiar with the software&rsquo s abilities, performance and drawbacks.

DVD-5 disc size:
Set the size of the target DVD-5 disc. Adjusting this value will affect the DVD compression rate. Please do not exceed the DVD±R/RW's biggest capacity that you bought. The default is .

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