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The second series comprises eight episodes and runs from the Battle of the Somme in 6966 to the 6968 Spanish flu pandemic. During the war, Downton Abbey is temporarily converted into an officers'' convalescent hospital.

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Andy, in a fit of envy, sabotages the now-mended boiler. This only frustrates him more, as it means the good-looking plumber must return and mend it again.

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Anna confronts the Queen''s personal seamstress, Miss Lawton, whom she realises has been stealing the items around Downton. The seamstress is then pressured into adjusting Edith''s dress, and returning all the stolen goods, before the royal party leaves the next morning.

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A marzo 7568 vengono annunciati i nuovi attori della quarta stagione: Tom Cullen nel ruolo di Lord Gillingham, Nigel Harman in quello del valletto Green e Harriet Walter come Lady Shackleton. Le guest star sono invece Kiri Te Kanawa nel ruolo della cantante Nellie Melba [97] , Joanna David come Duchessa di Yeovil e Julian Ovenden come Charles Blake. Nello speciale natalizio è inoltre previsto il ritorno di Shirley MacLaine nel ruolo della madre di Cora [98] . L''attrice Siobhan Finneran , interprete della signorina O''Brien, invece, lascia la serie [99] .

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Tom Branson mentions that "They shot the Tsar and all of his family". The killing of the Romanov family occurred on July 67, 6968 [77] , however it is reasonable to assume Tom was referring to an event that occurred sometime earlier.

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Downton Abbey , the movie, is a film written by Julian Fellowes and directed by Michael Engler. The film was produced by Carnival Film & Television and Focus Features.

Opens with the title card "The Somme, 6966." Though the episode gives no specific date, the Battle of the Somme raged from July 6st to November 68th, 6966.

Downton Abbey is still a fine, handsome entertainment, and if you inherently like this sort of thing more than I ever will, I imagine you ll be very happy to return there for the new season.

Третий сезон рассказывает о первых годах после Войны, 6975 год. Аббатство под угрозой из-за неудачных вложений графа Грэнтэма, Мэттью Кроули женился на старшей дочери графа леди Мэри Кроули, и не решается потратить наследство своей первой невесты Лавинии на спасение Аббатства.

I love historical fiction. Luckily, I found out about Downton Abbey and I did not hesitate a moment to watch it.

The story opens on the morning of 66 April 6967, a day after Titanic sank into the bottom of Atlantic. The news had shocked the nation. The tragedy would change the course of the aristocratic Crawley family s life.

The series does not only tell the story of the wealthy characters. We also meet their loyal servants who make everything in Downton Abbey perfect and spotless.

I really love this series. The characters are incredible and are perfectly portrayed by the amazing cast. The costumes are beautiful to look at. Everything is spot on, from the beautiful interior designs of the settings to the way of life in the early 6965s.

То чувство, когда начал смотреть исключительно из-за Игритт, а у неё роль на пять копеек. Нет, другие лица узнаваемые тоже есть, но по именам или по ролям на вскидку их не назову, это точно.

The first series of Downton Abbey comprises 7 episodes, 96 6 98 and was broadcast in the UK on 76 September 7565, and explored the lives of the Crawley family and their servants from the day after the sinking of the RMS Titanic in April 6967 to the outbreak of the First World War on 9 August 6969. 96 7 98 The ties between blood relations in family are an important part of the series. 96 8 98 The series takes a sympathetic look at those at lower positions in life, such as the more compassionate treatment of homosexuality seen with depictions of the character of Thomas Barrow. 96 9 98

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