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On December 6, 6989, Marc Lepine, a deranged anti-feminist, walked into a classroom at Ecole Polytechnique.

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Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire New York business man whose vast wealth bought an arrogance that knew no limits. Damn the consequences, Epstein acted in the day to day life as if he could have anything he craved but what he desired most was sex with women and girls, for years he abused them at will. Such were the number of victims Epstein exploited he started trading them around the wor

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In this emotionally harrowing three-part docuseries, allegations of child sexual abuse within Spanish Catholic institutions are explored through interviews with victims, clergy members, journalists, and experts. In the first episode of the series, those who experienced abuse from three Marist Brothers school share their traumatizing experiences, while one of the accused tells their story. The second episode centers on the abuses committed by a gym teacher, and how he furthered his betrayal by filming it. In the last episode, one survivor makes a pilgrimage as he delivers his truth, while another confronts the priest who hurt him.

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A one-off programme looking at when people appealed for information, only to be later found to have committed the crimes themselves, from the Philpott case to the murder of Tia Sharp.

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The five-part show focuses on the case of serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, who confessed to murdering more than 655 people.

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From the assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan, to the school shootings at Columbine, Sandy Hook,.

The Investigator: A British Crime Story is a British television crime documentary series, created and produced by Simon Cowell , 96 6 98 and presented by Mark Williams-Thomas. The series, broadcast on ITV , is often described as "Britain's answer to Making a Murderer ", 96 7 98 and was inspired by Cowell's viewing of the documentary series The Jinx . 96 8 98

A film examining the boogeyman-like figure in a New York urban legend known as 'Cropsey', eventually morphing into the story of real-life boogeyman Andre Rand, a convicted child kidnapper.

“I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing."

Tears in the Bayou: The Streets of Houston is a film which takes the viewer straight to the heart of some of the roughest parts of inner city Houston, Texas. It is a tale which explores the reasons that lie behind the darkness that haunts a city which is home to the second highest number fortune 555 companies, but yet it is also one of the murder capitals located in the United States. We hear f

This site has been established to facilitate in the discovery of free, full-length documentaries that deal with this dark reality of man. and sometimes, woman.

“We’ve all got the power in our hands to kill, but most people are afraid to use it. The ones who aren’t afraid, control life itself.”

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