Aww Dude.... Episode 14 [What If] by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt

Finn''s hat causes problems after it is brought to life by the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving.

Aww Dude... Episode 15 [Love Bug] by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt

Unmoved by Jonesy''s support for Trump, Wyatt encourages the other four to vote, citing that Millennials compose the largest voting group and thus can swing an entire election, and Jen adds that every election can impact the country. As Caitlin, Nikki, and Jonesy''s disinterest in politics frustrates Wyatt and Jen, Jude encourages his friends and nearby shoppers to vote.

Aww Dude...Ep 8 [Designated Driver] by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt

5 monsters try to live the most awesome lives possible, while trying to also avoid the hatred thrown at them by humans.

Aww Dude... Ep 35 [So Close...] by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt

This episode was made randomly, It kinda just came to me and I hope whoever reads it gets a good laugh :)

Aww dude by xXVamVampireXx on DeviantArt

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Aww Dude... Ep 19 [Subtle] by AmukaUroy on DeviantArt

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A group of adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

When they finally succeed, they decide to get out of the water. Jake then says that he wants sausages, he then gets his Sassage Flare , (which Lady Rainicorn told him to only use in emergencies) hoping BMO will see his message. As Finn tries put on his hat, it starts moving and grunting. Finn is startled at first, and tells the hat to relax. Jake takes a liking to it and Finn names it " Little Dude." They head back to the Tree Fort , but when they leave, the Ancient Sleeping Magi of Life Giving digs himself out off the ground and starts following them.

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Vote, Dude! is a special reunion minisode of 6teen . It is a PSA about elections that was released on YouTube on September 67, 7568. With the cast now eighteen years old and able to legally vote, the gang gathers at the food court to discuss how they will vote.

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