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"Stands pretty close to two feet an'' a half at the shoulders," Henry commented. "An'' I''ll bet it ain''t far from five feet long."

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Meanwhile, Chester (Daniele Dublino), the Smith assassin who murdered Charlie, is freed from his jail cell by a corrupt Mountie (Janos Bartha). On Smith''s orders, Chester sneaks into Jason Scott''s quarters and almost succeeds in killing him. But White Fang leaps in through a window and savages Chester. Beauty Smith and his lead henchmen, Hall, then sneak into the mission hut and take Mitsah hostage, and shoots Father Oatley dead as he attempts to stop them. Scott, White Fang, and a horde or irate villagers give chase. Smith attempts to sweep away his pursuers by blowing up a dam. But White Fang jumps upon Smith and saves the day by gnashing at the villain''s wrist. But as Scott drags Beauty Smith back to face justice, the dynamite explodes, sweeping away Smith, Hall, and White Fang.

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Jack gaat op reis en vraagt aan zijn beste vriend Henry om op zijn wolfshond White Fang te passen. Op een van hun wandelingen ontdekken Henry en White Fang dat het grondgebied van een nabijgelegen indianenstam wordt bedreigd door roekeloze goudzoekers. Samen proberen ze er alles aan te doen om de indianen te helpen en hun grond te redden.

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In the face of continued discrimination, Sienna Khan succeeded Ghira as the high leader of the White Fang, emphasizing on using more radical methods to gain equality through a show of strength. Sienna''s White Fang had the goal of forcing Humans to respect the Faunus through fear, using tactics such as raiding and disrupting discriminatory organizations.

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However, the plot is executed prematurely due to the interference of Team RWBY and Bartholomew Oobleck. Although the breach occurs, the Grimm incursion is quickly contained by many Huntsmen and Huntresses from Beacon Academy and the Atlesian military.

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London s image of this white wall of light symbolizes with great imagination the alluring but treacherous phenomena of the natural world.

Adam arrived at Haven Academy and ordered the White Fang to plant explosives around the school grounds, and proceeded to attempt to destroy the academy, but his plan failed due to the timely intervention of the Belladonna Family, Sun, and Ilia who brought the Menagerie Faunus as reinforcements and the Mistral Police force. Knowing that the White Fang surrendered, Adam Taurus is ousted from the organization as he ran away from the authorities for corrupting the White Fang.

The novel is partly an autobiographical allegory based on London''s conversion from teenage hoodlum to married, middle-class writer. 96 6 98 In writing it, he was influenced by the ideas of Herbert Spencer , Karl Marx , and Friedrich Nietzsche. 96 6 98 Conditions in the US also influenced the story. 96 6 98

Фильм «Белый клык 7: Легенда о белом волке» практически не связан с повестью Джека Лондона «Белый клык». Их объединяют только две вещи — время действия фильма (период Золотой лихорадки на Аляске ) и герой (волк Белый Клык).

Grey Beaver is reluctantly trades his loyal wolf-dog, White Fang, in exchange for gold. The dog''s new owner is an evil man who cages and torments White Fang so as to transform him into a hateful fighting dog.

"You jes'' bet they will," Bill affirmed. "If one of em'' turns up missin'', I''ll go without my coffee."

In the morning Henry was aroused by fervid blasphemy that proceeded from the mouth of Bill. Henry propped himself up on an elbow and looked to see his comrade standing among the dogs beside the replenished fire, his arms raised in objurgation, his face distorted with passion.

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