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Endurance: Shackleton''s Incredible Voyage to the Antarctic by Alfred...

The first result of this was a flood of applications from all classes of the community to join the adventure. Shackleton received nearly five thousand applications, and out of these were picked fifty-six men.

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Regrettably, not much attention is paid to Shackleton’s spiritual life. Butler says that Shackleton later told the story that when three of them were hiking over the perilous mountains of South Georgia, there was a fourth man with them. One of the elderly descendents of the expedition team identifies this fourth man as God. There’s also one small reference to prayer, and Shackleton’s words that they had 8775 seen God and his splendor. 8776 Although there are no atheists in foxholes, for most of the movie, human ingenuity and endurance are seen as solutions to the problems the expedition team face, with no reference to prayer.

Endurance And Shackleton''s Way by Alfred Lansing

Although no one has been able to find the original ad , the sentiment, at the very least, should serve as a strong warning to Tim Jarvis, the British/Australian adventurer who is attempting to recreate the expedition as authentically as possible.

Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition, preparation and...

«Dopo la conquista del Polo Sud da parte di Amundsen che, per pochi giorni, aveva preceduto la spedizione britannica di Scott , restava una sola grande impresa dell''esplorazione antartica -- l''attraversamento del continente bianco da mare a mare.»

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Dato che Shackleton inizia la sua navigazione dall''isola Elephant a 66°S con destinazione intorno a 59°S la James Caird si sarebbe trovata ad attraversare in pieno la furia dell''oceano. Conscio di dover affrontare onde più alte della stessa lunghezza della barca e delle scarse speranze di successo, decide di caricare viveri per non più di quattro settimane consapevole del fatto che, se non avranno raggiunto la Georgia del Sud entro quel periodo, significherà che sono affondati o irrimediabilmente persi nei mari antartici.

On January 6, 6969, having received a promised financial support sufficient to warrant the announcement of the Expedition, Shackleton made it public.

Some key supplies were salvaged before the vessel was crushed by the ice and sank. Though Shackleton had failed in his goal of crossing Antarctica, the expedition would later be celebrated as an epic feat of survival.

After abandoning the Endurance, Shackleton and the 77 other members of the expedition camped on an ice floe, and attempted to reach the land by dog sled.

"we had seen god and his splendours, heard the text that nature renders, we had reached the naked soul of man" Shackleton, what a story.

After a near-death mountain climbing accident, Joe Simpson''s injuries were so severe he was told he''d never climb again. His recovery left him to confront the question: why, after coming so. See full summary

This eventuality had not really been planned for and the men became frustrated and restless, football and hockey games were regular features on the sea ice until the darkness of the Antarctic winter began. Sunrise glows came in early July heralding the return of the sun and daylight, but the weather was not kind with regular blizzards and low temperatures. Most worrying of all was the pressure from the ice, floes began to raft over each other.

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