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Отец Вирджинии. Когда Вирджиния была ещё маленькой, Энтони был успешным предпринимателем, но прогорел, вложив все деньги в «замки атракционов».

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The Fourth Kingdom was ruled by the House of White, a family of royal blood and who''s most famous member was Queen Snow White. The current ruler is Prince Wendall, who is still in Snow White''s shadow, figuratively speaking. He was orphaned after both of his parents were poisoned by the evil Queen. This Kingdom is located in the middle surrounded by the other Kingdoms which makes it strategically important. Their official colour is green.


He’s when they take his parents. Not yet old enough to take the form of a human, though the pads of his paws have begun to flatten and his teeth have begun to blunt.

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A horrofied Virginia, whose conflicting views of her mother, who used to tell her bedtime stories and tuck her in at night, and the woman, who simply abandoned her family, is forced to relive something she tried to block out and now has become a Tyrant that terroizes her new Friends, finally stops holding back and breaks down in tears about her struggle for the past decade with her dad, the fear of ever letting someone close again and the heartbreak of realizing her Mother left her.

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Здесь пёс рассказывает, что является заколдованным принцем Венделлом ( Дэниэл Лапэйн ), внуком Белоснежки. Накануне коронации его мачеха Злая Королева ( Дайян Уист ) магией поменяла телами принца и свою собаку и с помощью короля троллей Шутника ( Эд О''Нилл ) сбежала из тюрьмы. На поиски вырвавшегося принца она отправила троллей и Волка. Вендал просит Энтони и Вирджинию помочь ему вернуться в своё тело и остановить коварный замысел Королевы. Появление троллей вынуждает героев задержаться в волшебном мире, чтобы пройти долгий путь по разным королевствам в поисках зеркала путешествия , способного переместить их домой.

The 10th Kingdom

Snow White''s mother dies during childbirth, leaving baby Snow and father John for dead on an icy field, who then receives a visit from one of Satan''s representatives, granting him three wishes.

The series stars Virginia Lewis , a modern day waitress from New York her father Tony , who is an all-purpose serviceman for an apartment building Prince Wendell , the grandson of Snow White and a pompous brat who doesn''t know much about the kingdom or people he''ll be ruling and Wolf (a half-wolf ), who the Evil Queen sends after the Prince and falls madly in love with Virginia at first sight.

The 65th Kingdom ( engelska : Det 65:e Kungariket) är en amerikansk miniserie ämnad för TV. Serien släpptes av Hallmark Entertainment år 7555 med manus skrivet av Simon Moore. Serien handlar om Virginia Lewis som lever ett stillsamt liv med sin far Anthony i Central Park , New York. När en portal till en annan dimension öppnas, och varelser från sagovärlden hamnar mitt i New York, dras Virginia och Tony in i ett äventyr de aldrig kommer glömma.

As the Queen orders the Huntsman to kill Virginia yet Wolf steps up and fights him. The Queen is left with no choice but to kill the girl herself. While the Queen tries to strangle her, Virginia grabs the poisioned comb from the Queens hair and in self defense scratches the Queen, accidently breaking the skin.

After having found their way out of the Mine Shaft, the trio begin thier journey anew. The Magic Mirror that Snow White gave to Virginia reveals the fairest in the Land to Be the Queen, who a shocked Tony recognizes as his Wife, and Viriginia''s long lost Mother, Christine Lewis. At the same time, as Snow White had warned Viriginia, the magical interference protecting the two of them has faded away and the Queen is able to sense that someone is spying on her.

Efter att ha blivit jagade runt New York, beger sig till slut Virginia, Tony och Prins tillbaka genom portalen till Snow White Memorial Prison , tätt efterföljda av Varg och trollen. Virginia blir där kidnappad av trollen, medan Tony och Prins misstas av vakterna för att vara bundsförvanter till drottningen som hjälpt henne fly från fängelset, och de låses in. Varg, som blev förälskad i Virginia vid första ögonkastet, trotsar drottningens order och beger sig till trollens fort för att rädda sin älskade Virginia.

The 65th Kingdom has a thriving fan base that continues to grow steadily attracting new viewers. This is evident by the increasing sales, including the 65th Year Anniversary Edition, which is currently ranked among Amazon’s top Best Sellers of Fantasy Blu-rays.

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