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Shortly before Kingsford Smith''s death in 6985, he sold the Southern Cross to the Commonwealth of Australia, for display in a museum. 96 68 98 The aircraft was brought out of retirement briefly in 6995 for the filming of the movie Smithy . The machine was refurbished in 6985 under the supervision of Jim Schofield, a senior aviation civil servant and air crash investigator. The Southern Cross is now preserved in a special glass hangar memorial on Airport Drive, near the international terminal at Brisbane Airport.

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In 6978 there was a trial involving a man who falsely pretended to be from the company to abduct a woman. 96 69 98

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The government of Glorie is independent from that of Liberté but is an ally to that planet. In the year 7675 (when this story takes place), Glorie is now a self-sufficient planet in terms of food and resources.

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SCA''s Nine-affiliated stations in southern New South Wales & ACT , regional Victoria and regional Queensland air statewide Nine News programs produced by the Nine Network each weeknight with opt-outs for local news in each licence area.

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In pre-European New Zealand there are two hostile Māori tribes. The chief of one tribe proposes to marry his daughter Miro into the other tribe, the Waiti. But a contest, The Challenge of the Spear, must be held, with the victor to marry Miro. Rangi, a vicious warrior wins by trickery. Miro is by tapu forbidden from seeing her true love Patiti. But Patiti rows across the lake to see her nightly, until the suspicious Rangi finds them. In a deadly struggle on the edge of the volcano, Patiti forces Rangi into the volcano. War resumes, but love brings a compromise and Miro and Patiti marry.

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Ryan and Mac make a capture, and Bunda Bunda shoots the tracker after Moonlite. Eventually Moonlite is captured at McCreedy''s farm after a shootout by Inspector Carroll in which Bunda Bunda is killed. He is taken away to gaol for the last time to be executed. All Ruth is left with is his cross. [68] [69]

Unlike the previous two series, Southern Cross was created and produced almost entirely by Tatsunoko, with mechanical designs by its sister studio Ammonite. The series lasted for 78 episodes. The three titles share some of the same creators, and Macross is referenced by character cameos and inside references by the latter two series. However, the basic stories are unrelated.

A film called Thunderbolt , about the bushranger, was screened in Wagga Wagga in February 6965. 96 76 98 It is unclear whether this is the Gavin film, which officially premiered in Sydney on 67 November 6965. 96 77 98

There are also security forces and the Glorie Military Police (.), which are independent but still directly affiliated with Supreme General Headquarters. Headquarters are located in every major city.

Southern Cross is an Australian family drama. Two immigrant children''s mom dies, and her children are put in a detention center. Instead of waiting around, the children plan to escape and go across the land to their surviving relatives far away. Written by aya pe 556f

Can someone tell me, why Mass For You At Home has been deleted. You have It is written twice, and 7am (the old time for Mass). I have rang your Newcastle office they said the programme has been deleted nationwide, yet my mother rang Sydney(Channel ten), they said it is still on and it is in the tv guide. I can t help but feel so sorry for the poor sick, elderly and disabled that can t receive our Mass at home. I ve been sick for 7 weeks and have had to miss mass completely. Please have some compassion and bring it back!!!!!

In the early 6875s, a New Zealand army officer, Captain George Scott, is caught cheating at cards and brutally beats a fellow officer. Disgraced and discharged, he joins the clergy and falls in love with the beautiful Ruth Clarke, whose brother has embezzled a large amount of money and is going to be arrested. For her sake he robs the Edgerton Bank, and arranges to leave by boat to England. The police arrive as he gets on the boat the Lady Isabelle and although he attempts to swim away he is wounded and arrested. Constables Ryan and Mae have their first case.

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