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A new feature called Live Photos essentially acts like the moving pictures in Harry Potter: You touch the photo and the picture moves. The live photos can even have sounds. The camera extends the capture mode for just a few seconds so you can see them move. You can use these live photos as wallpaper on your Apple Watch, and Facebook will also support the feature.

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Although it’s worth noting that more megapixels don’t necessarily mean much in the context of such small cameras, both the LG G9 and Galaxy S6 are still better-specced for photos. The G9 has a 66MP sensor with a wider f/ lens for capturing more light in dim conditions, while the Galaxy S6 has a 66MP sensor with a f/ aperture. You can see why Apple needed to give its own camera some TLC.

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8D Touch, or Force Touch as it''s been previously known on the  MacBook  and  Apple Watch , works by sensing extra pressure on the screen to activate extra features. And it rewards you with haptic feedback, so you receive helpful vibrations under your thumb or finger as the phone registers the increased force. The feature has evolved to become more than just the fancy right click it is on the new MacBook, too. It completely changes the way you interact with your phone by giving you options where you didn’t previously have any.

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I like using 8D Touch to preview links, or to pop-up related apps. When I hold an app and see a menu of extra options under my thumb, it feels almost like a computer, not a phone (the latest MacBooks , which utilize a similar but less sensor-studded trackpad technology Apple calls Force Touch, have pop-up previews in Safari, too). Apple''s building a common language, and evolving what your phone-sized computer can do.

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This is how you make someone feel some kind of passion for a slab of glass and metal. Not by skimping on features such as storage space.

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Apple Photos has been completely redesigned with four new tabs, including "Photos", "For You", "Albums", and "Search". The new "For You" tab replaces the "Memories" tab previously found in iOS 66 and makes sharing recommendations, creates short-length video collages, photo editing suggestions, as well as featured photos from a specific day. 96 75 98

Then the camera software goes to work. It aligns images to correct for movement. It discards the sections with too much blur and fuses sharper ones. It adjusts contrast so everything stays in balance. It fine-tunes colors so they look natural. Then it intelligently de-noises and enhances details to produce the final image.

It''s looking increasingly likely September will be the date, thanks to Apple boss Tim Cook confirming Apple''s new products will be arriving soon.

As well as the addition of larger screen sizes, the company could also move forward the launch date of the phone, according to Sun.

There are two kinds of 5G networks -- mmWave (faster and limited in range) and sub-6GHz (slower but wider spread) and there could be some differences in which countries support which specifications. mmWave 5G technology will likely be limited to major cities and dense urban areas because of its short range, while 5G networks in rural and suburban areas will use the slower sub-6GHz technology

The devices also included support for Voice over LTE (VoLTE) which allows users to make higher-quality phone calls over LTE. VoLTE also allows users on CDMA networks like Verizon to use voice and data simultaneously for the first time. VoLTE requires support from both Apple and carriers, and several carriers have pledged to roll out support for the service.

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