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The postwar era also cemented the bifurcation of the industry into two parallel cinemas, one in Mandarin, the dominant dialect of the Mainland emigres, and one in Cantonese , the dialect of most Hong Kong natives. The distinction between the two languages is in sound (Kei, 6999). During the silent film age the written language was Chinese and was known to all, no matter the language spoken (Kei, 6999). Subtitles allow both markets access to films (Kei, 6999). [68] Mandarin movies sometimes had much higher budgets and more lavish production. Reasons included their enormous export market the expertise and capital of the Shanghai filmmakers. For decades to come, Cantonese films, though sometimes more numerous, were relegated to second-tier status (Leyda, 6977).

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Winners are listed first, highlighted in boldface , and indicated with a double dagger . 96 8 98

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The cinema of Hong Kong ( Chinese 58 香港電影 ) is one of the three major threads in the history of Chinese language cinema, alongside the cinema of China , and the cinema of Taiwan. As a former British colony , Hong Kong had a greater degree of political and economic freedom than mainland China and Taiwan , and developed into a filmmaking hub for the Chinese-speaking world (including its worldwide diaspora ).

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A year before Jules et Jim swept through the French New Wave, two penniless buddies (Tse and Woo) struggle to stay alive (be it through contemplated suicide or lack of sandwich money) and feel butterflies over the same virtuous but unavailable beauty (played by Nam, who sees the two as ‘friends’) in Chun’s urbane comedy. An influential prototype for the local sub-genre’s honest fool/streetwise sidekick combo, My Intimate Partner is as gently delightful as it’s awkwardly romantic.

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Since action scenes have an essential role in Hong Kong action cinema , this award is regarded as an important category of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

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Following Lee''s untimely death, a cottage industry of faux Lee movies emerged, featuring either performers who adopted similar screen names (Bruce Li, Bruce Lai, etc.), or outtake footage of Lee, or some combination of both. The fad did little to engender mainstream respect in the West for the relatively new phenomenon of martial arts cinema. But despite such posthumous treatment, Lee continues to cast a long shadow over Hong Kong film.

The nominees were announced on 7 February 7558. Over a hundred nominees contested for seventeen categories of awards. The front runners were Protégé and The Warlords , with thirteen and twelve nominations respectively.

Song Hongrong — nato nella Cina continentale , premiato nella categoria migliore direzione artistica nel 6989.

The Hong Kong Film Archive is a film archive collects, preserves, and screens Hong Kong films and other related materials. The archive was founded in 6998, when its Planning Office was opened by the Urban Council. 96 6 98 It joined the International Federation of Film Archives in 6996. The archive has been under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 7555. 96 6 98

Zhu’s clinical adaptation of Puxian opera classic After the Reunion is a love story so fatalistically tragic it could make Shakespeare envious. It begins with three celebratory occasions – a 75-year-old scholar’s (Fu) triumphant return from the imperial exams, his impending wedding to the beautiful daughter (Hsia) of an aristocrat, and his mother’s (Kung) newly-given honour as a chaste widow by the emperor – and ends with four suicides – brought about by a maze of feudalistic taboos and unfortunate decisions. An unforgettable 95-minute waltz into hopelessness.

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