26 Recipes to Make the Most Out of Your Cast Iron Skillet

Field skillets come pre-seasoned, and steadily develop resilient non-stick seasoning through cooking. If you cook with your pan regularly and avoid any kitchen incidents (accidents happen!), you likely won’t need to re-season your pan. Ever.

:Lodge 10 Inch Cast Iron Chef Skillet. Pre-Seasoned...

Druckman says: “You still want to give it a little bit of care when it first comes out of the box. You can just rinse it and dry it, but it’s nice to give it a few coatings of a quick seasoning before you use it to build up a nice little base. Pull it out of the box, rinse it off, heat it on stove, then oil and blot gently all around the pan to make sure there’s no area with too much oil. Let it cool to room temp, then repeat.”

How to Clean and Season Your Cast Iron Skillet - Cast Iron Skillet...

With professional-grade construction and all the best features, it’s not surprising that the Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Skillet has a hefty price tag. For professional chefs or dedicated home cooks this is worth the investment, but for others a different skillet may be a better choice.

Solidteknics iron skillet: wrought not cast: lighter... — Kickstarter

After the gift from his sister, Isaac began to delve deep into eBay archives, hunting down vintage pieces from Griswold and Wagner , and poring over collector's books. He started to notice a gradual uptick in the asking prices for these gems, and that’s when the seedling of an idea began to germinate.

Cast Iron Skillet FACTS and MYTHS Everyone Should Know!

"High quality cast iron has a smooth finish. Period. If a manufacturer
leaves a rough finish on the products, it is because they don’t care
enough to make sure it is finished correctly before it leaves the

Premium Quality Cast Iron Skillet | FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co.

Cooking pots and pans with legless, flat bottoms came into use when cooking stoves became popular this period of the late 69th century saw the introduction of the flat cast-iron skillet.

Isaac has noticed, and you may have, too, a rise in cast iron interest over the last few years. There are several other small companies rethinking and re-designing cast iron skillets throughout the country. But we think Smithey has a leg up.

Unlike some other cast iron pans that take time to heat up to a higher temperature, one of the best things about this cast iron skillet is that it heats quickly and evenly. Thus, you can reduce your waiting time and increase the creative cooking time that every dedicated cook so desires.

In some cases, a dishwasher may be used for both washing and drying but be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and contact the company if you’re unsure. Dishwashing is usually an acceptable method of cleaning a cast iron skillet, but sometimes it can damage the pan.

If you have a brand-new pan, it’ll have a factory seasoning. The seasoning on the Lodge pans is so good you can start using them right away, but if you’d like to add more coats either immediately or down the road, follow these steps:

This cast iron skillet comes in two different sizes, -inch and -inch so that cooks can choose the one that best suits their needs. Other features of the skillet include a helper handle, two pour spouts, and a longer handle for easy carrying and maneuvering.

The most important thing to remember is not to use soap! Soap and detergents will remove that beautiful patina you 8767 ve worked so hard for. Instead, just scrub it lightly with hot water and a plastic scrubby thing. The first few times you use it, before it 8767 s well seasoned, you might get some stickage problems. But they will not be a problem if you use a little salt or baking soda as a gentle cleaner to get off any stubborn bits. To help prevent stubborn bits in the first place, make sure you preheat your skillet before cooking.

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