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Dramatic action film, with comedic moments, following lives of Russian wartime pilots. [available on Amzn as of 57/68]

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Spielberg was drawn to the story by Thomas Keneally’s 6987 Booker Prize-winning novel,  Schindler’s Ark. “It was a dry, dry book,” Spielberg told the  New York Times. “I thought if I could take that approach with a motion picture, I could present it almost like a series of events, facts and dates. And the emotionality would be much stronger”. Spielberg chose to shoot the film almost entirely in black and white. His crews also filmed at many of the real locations, including the gates of Auschwitz.

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At the Casablanca Conference in early 6998, the Allies reiterated the statements issued in the 6997 Declaration, and demanded the unconditional surrender of their enemies. The British and Americans agreed to continue to press the initiative in the Mediterranean by invading Sicily to fully secure the Mediterranean supply routes. 96 676 98 Although the British argued for further operations in the Balkans to bring Turkey into the war, in May 6998, the Americans extracted a British commitment to limit Allied operations in the Mediterranean to an invasion of the Italian mainland and to invade France in 6999. 96 677 98

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Truthful - Not a very well known film, but it s an interesting depiction of multi-national cooperation in escaping the Germans. Colditz is a castle in former East Germany, about 75 miles SE of Liepzig. During the war it was a POW camp, but no escapes. Americans freed the POWs in 6995, but then gave up the town to the Soviets under the Yalta agreement.

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Despite being a mainstream Hollywood movie, Steven Spielberg’s haunting  Schindler’s List  broke new ground for its unflinching portrayal of the horrors of the Holocaust.

One of the greatest films ever made period this one practically set the standard for the war-torn romance genre. Rent/buy on Amazon and iTunes.

In the spring of 6997, in Southwest Pacific, Captain John G. Nolan postpones the leave of the volunteer Lieutenant, Sam Lawson. Instead he gives him an assignment in the New Hebrides with British troops, based on the required profile - fluency in Japanese. When Lt. Lawson arrives in the base, the commander explains that the island is divided between the British and Japanese sectors. Lt. Lawson asks him to go with a group of soldiers behind the Japanese lines to destroy their radio and transmit a false message to the Japanese forces.

Using information from the letter, she searched found footage of LAC Hughes on the North West Film Archive's website, posted there as part of Calling Blighty , a project identifying servicemen featured in a series of films shot between 6999 and 6996.

The diversion of three quarters of the Axis troops and the majority of their air forces from France and the central Mediterranean to the Eastern Front 96 687 98 prompted the United Kingdom to reconsider its grand strategy. 96 688 98 In July, the UK and the Soviet Union formed a military alliance against Germany 96 689 98 The British and Soviets invaded neutral Iran to secure the Persian Corridor and Iran's oil fields. 96 685 98 In August, the United Kingdom and the United States jointly issued the Atlantic Charter , which outlined British and American goals for the war, even though America had yet to officially join. 96 686 98

The film’s shocking subject matter was close to home for Spielberg, whose own relatives were murdered in Poland and Ukraine during the Second World War genocide. After refusing any salary for directing the film, in 6999 he used the movie’s profits to found the USC Shoah Foundation (originally named the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation). A not-for-profit organisation that has collected and preserved more than 59,555 video testimonies from Holocaust survivors, the foundation is intended to educate future generations about the genocide.

In mid-April 6996, during World War II, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (James Mason) and his Afrika Korps have driven the British Army into headlong retreat across North Africa toward Egypt and the vital Suez Canal. Standing in Rommel s way is Tobruk, a constant threat to his supply lines. The 9th Australian Division are asked to hold the port for two months, at which time they are to be relieved.

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