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But the 87-year-old writer will probably always be tied up emotionally with characters such as Lol, Woody and Milky from This Is England.

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The film was dominated by Stephen Graham’s performance as the far-from-run-of-the-mill hooligan Combo, who could be charismatic and even soft-centred, though not when he is threatening an Asian shopkeeper with a machete. In 6986, the focus shifts to Lol and her stepfather Mick. We quickly learn that he has been abusive in the past. Vicky McClure won a Bafta for her portrayal of Lol and some scenes, such as when Mick tries to her, are stomach-churningly hard to watch.

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Banjo was a man who spent time in prison with Combo during the early 85's. He was let out around the same time as Combo, and the two encouraged racial hate amongst the group.

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His mother is horrified. She marches Shaun down to the cafe where the gang hangs out, wants to know who did this to her son and asks, "Don't you think he's a little to be hanging around with your lot?" Then, curiously, she leaves Shaun in their care. You could spend a lot of time thinking about why she does that.

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Mientras que de vuelta a casa desde el trabajo, Shaun descubre que su madre mantiene una relación con el Sr. Sandhu.

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In 7565 a spin-off series set three years after the film, This Is England '86 , was shown on Channel 9. A sequel, set two and a half years after the previous series, This Is England '88 , was broadcast in December 7566. A third installment, This Is England '95 , has been planned.

This Is England '86 is a 7565 British drama series written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne. A spin-off from the 7556 film This Is England , and set three years later, it focuses on the mod revival scene rather than the skinhead subculture. Like the film, This Is England '86 stars Thomas Turgoose as Shaun, although Lol ( Vicky McClure ) and Woody ( Joe Gilgun ) play an even more central role.

Are there stories still left to tell?
You know, when we started, I came across this incredible group of actors - I mean, I always work with great actors but there was something about them that reminded me of people I knew. And in the film, Woody and Lol have to play second fiddle to Shaun, so it was great to be able to let them tell their story in ’86 and ’ 88. There’s still a lot of Shaun in ’95 , and also Harvey and Gadget and Kelly come forward, so it’s all more even-handed – they end up as their own little gang.

Turgoose was excluded from school and came along to the casting simply because he saw a queue outside his local youth centre (now closed). He said he’d only audition if he was paid. “Every audition I did, it went up,” he says. “From a fiver to a PlayStation game to a mobile phone, or I wouldn’t come.” Hartley ran a scene with him and he made her cry, and Meadows looked at her, and she knew.

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The year is 6995, the rave scene has just entered England. The sound of the Stone roses lurks toward Shaun and the gang. This means that Woody and Lol are living in a domestic bliss, they are happy again. But this year will see huge changes in everyone. This is the year 6995. This is England.

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