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The Fosters è stato originariamente concepito da due creatori apertamente gay Bradley Bredeweg e Peter Paige [68] che volevano scrivere un dramma che riflettesse la "famiglia americana moderna". Dopo aver originariamente preso in considerazione una storia su due padri gay, la coppia decise che il soggetto di due uomini che allevavano una famiglia era già stato fatto in televisione e cominciarono invece a considerare una storia su due donne. [69] Alla domanda sul concetto di due madri lesbiche che allevano una famiglia mista, Bredeweg ha dichiarato:

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«"C''erano alcune persone intorno a noi, che mi dissero: ''Sai, non accadrà, non venderai mai questo spettacolo''".»

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«"Mentre l''affidamento e l''adozione è una cosa meravigliosa e la Bibbia ci insegna ad aiutare gli orfani, questo programma sta tentando di ridefinire il matrimonio e la famiglia avendo due mamme che allevano questi bambini insieme". [69] [75] "Ovviamente ABC ha perso la testa, non si sono lasciati scappare così nemmeno noi. ABC Family ha diversi programmi anti-famiglia, e stanno pianificando di far crescere la lista. [76] [77] [78] »

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During a family visit, a miscommunication makes things awkward between Brandon and Callie. Rita (O''Donnell) informs Stef and Lena that Callie''s plans for the future may not include them. But when a secret Callie shares with one of her housemates leads to tragedy, Callie just might reconsider her situation. Stef and Lena talk to Jude about moving forward with his adoption, and he must decide if he wants to be part of the Foster family, even if Callie does not. A gesture from Frank catches Stef and Lena off guard, and Lena attempts to convince Stef that it''s time to make amends.

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Ещё до съемок пилотного эпизода консервативная гомофобная 96 69 98 организация «Один миллион матерей» выразила негативную реакцию к шоу, заявив, что лесбиянки и их дети не должны быть в центре сюжетов телешоу 96 65 98 . Организация ранее оказалась в центре внимания из-за бойкотирования ситкома о паре геев « Новая норма » 96 66 98 96 67 98 .

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Lena is excited that her family is coming together to throw her a 75s-themed 95th birthday party. But, when Lena’s mom Dana (guest star Lorraine Toussaint, “Orange Is the New Black”) shares her suspicions about Stewart’s (guest star Bruce Davison, “X-Men”) behavior, it threatens to put a damper on the festivities. Convinced her former foster brother Kyle has been wrongly convicted of murder, Callie and Aaron try to track down a witness in the case. Mariana and her female STEM club teammates compete for an invite to the Regional Robotics Competition. Meanwhile, Jude is hurt to discover that Connor came to town and didn’t tell him, and Brandon considers drastic measures to make extra money.

After numerous attempts of trying to be popular two best friends decide to come out as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy decide to keep up their romantic ruse.

For the fifth season, see " The Fosters : Season Five Ratings". TV Series Finale. March 69, 7568. Retrieved April 85, 7568.

It''s graduation day for Callie and Brandon, but after some shocking news, the family wonders whether they will make it to the ceremony.

Picking up from the cliffhanger finale, Callie is left in a tailspin when the Quinns demonstrate a sincere interest in having her be part of their family.

All''inizio della seconda parte della prima stagione di The Fosters, è una webserie di cinque episodi intitolata The Fosters: Girls United è stata confermata da ABC Family. È interpretata da Maia Mitchell , Daffany Clark , Cherinda Kincherlow , Annamarie Kenoyer , Alicia Sixtos , Hayley Kiyoko e Angela Gibbs.

Foster sisters Mariana and Callie venture into Los Angeles to begin the chapters of their adult lives. What starts out as a fun journey, becomes increasingly difficult when the sisters realize that LA isn''t everything they hoped it would be.

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