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The Soviets were quick and wasted no efforts in fortifying their position in Washington, especially against militias established by the state governors whom became the backbone of American resistance. The city itself was insultingly renamed ''Stalington'' by the Soviets, it''s defense in charge of the Soviet Commander and two Colonels, Krukov and Reznov. The Pentagon and White House became, respectively, their headquarters.


Nearly two decades later, Morning Dawn watched her son leave her to travel beyond the Stable doors in his expedition to find another water talisman. To this day, she awaits her son''s return.

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its for art of conquest,the expansion pack for empire earth(the first),and you place file in the campaign folder and file in the secnario folder,both found in the games data folder-and by the way you''ll be surprised what can be done with this relativly old game.

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Question, dont know if this one was asked, but I''ll ask:
Are you going to make the game actually easy/normal/hard ? Because in my humble opinion, for , it goes something like this: Easy = Normal, medium = hard, hard = OMGWTF???. Lol, just wondering.

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Red Dawn

The red dawn is rising
Sealing the end of our time
The red sun is shining
Burning all that s still alive

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this campaign and map require empire earth 6 and its expansion pack art of conquest.
to use,put the red dawn file in the art of conquest\data\campaign folder
and the decontamination in the art of conquest\data\secnario folder

After liberating Candy Cane, he acquired her help in his quest to find a water talisman. The two now travel together in his quest to topple the plantations and obtain a water talisman. Despite Candy Cane''s PTSD, Red Dawn tries to help her cope with her traumas even as she tries to push him and her friends away. He has vowed to keep Candy Cane from becoming another pony that he could''ve saved. Red Dawn also finds a disturbing similarity in Candy Cane with Dew Drops, as the two share similar eye colors, and is haunted by her stare.

As long as the fight in the United States went on, Washington . and the Pentagon remained under Allied control and became the main base of operations for the American war theater. It was only after the destruction of Chicago and the majority of the regular . army that . fell to Soviet occupation, as most of the American forces had left for Europe, recognizing the lost cause.

Let me see if theres still time
Questions are waiting by the line
I must find the way to get me
Anywhere but here
Is there time?

His loyalty to the ponies he loves, the greater good, and his Stable are at constant conflict with one another as he struggles to finish what his Stable friends started. Sometimes, he is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish a task, at the cost of a part of himself, his dignity, or the lives of other ponies. Despite this, Red Dawn is fearful of becoming what he sees as a ''bad pony'', but often justifies his actions by stating that the ends always justifies the means. 

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