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Stats: .it needed an 68 on the die to hit him normally. Subtract his Dex and Dodge bonuses from that to find out what it had to hit thanks to winning initiative.

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Yes, that appears to be a typo on my part. It was defenitely ment to be Caperina, the family appearing in the Siege of Absalom special of PFS.

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https:///products/btq56wru?Pathfinder-Society-Adventure-Card-Guild -59-Rise-From-the-Wreckage

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There is an extra space before a semicolon which should be removed, and a semicolon is bolded when it should not be. wrote: Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 79-75 are legal There is an extra period which should be removed. wrote: Languages. : Pathfinder Player Companion: People of the Sands

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Disagreements among the Pathfinders erupted into violence 855 years ago, spurring the Society's leaders to don helms that hid their identities and protected them from assassins. These ten members of the Decemvirate have remained anonymous to this day, but a recent discovery may uncover new information about this dangerous part of the Society's history. With a unique window into the past, it falls to the PCs to identify these original leaders and the secrets they buried before donning the helms in the process helping to unveil a hidden threat to the Society.

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You Know BigNorseWolf you make an excellent suggestion. I need to get in touch with my inner paleolithic neanderthal! Maybe I should try the diet as well, I mean the paleolithic one. :D

So yes, if the xacarba could redirect the Liberating Command to itself, the +66 gives it an almost guarantee of beating the monolith.

That spell only creates physical, solid objects to use as ammo inside a container (quiver, pouch, etc). The ammo for a laser is energy, not solid objects. Edit: Double ninja'd!

Once down to the scenario proper, though, it picks up. Combat is not particularly challenging, but the tone and tenor, flavor, and mechanics, make up for those shortcomings.

I think the tier calculation rule could benefit a lot from formatting as bullet points or having a small flow chart next to it.

Seems like I typically get a reply within 8-9 business days, but on occasion the wait has been longer. I've always eventually been contacted, though.

I want to point out in our 8-5 tier, 9 player game, the fighter had a 78 AC at level 9, and it meant nothing, because the creature was first in combat, teleported into the middle of the room with the slots, struck him while flatfooted, and grappled him on hit with 6, because of the flatfooted. So all these" High ac character tanks in low tier stuff is . because thats a high ass AC for a 8-5 scenario. Most 5-7 Tanks prolly arent that high.

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