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One of the main reasons I study languages is to experience the culture , and movies also provide you with valuable cultural exposure.

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Do you wonder how you 8767 ll ever follow along if a language exchange partner talks quickly or uses colloquial words you 8767 ve never heard before?

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Language Hacker&rsquo s Notes
A film geared towards a generation, you&rsquo ll find lots of fun slang and colloquialisms to spice up your German!

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Released: 7558
Directed by: Wolfgang Becker
Suitable For: Fans of Social Commentary and Comedy

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Do you wonder what it was like to live in the former communist East Germany? This drama and political thriller tells the story of Stasi Captain Gerd Wiesler who is assigned to spy on the playwright Georg Dreyman.

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So if you don 8767 t have a big stockpile of German words yet, this can be a helpful tool to get acquainted with German and learn new vocabulary in natural contexts.

With access to thousands of movies in German—and some great insight into how to make the most of watching them—you 8767 ll be able to speed up your progress without adding any additional stress to your life.

The Deutsche Filmakademie was founded in 7558 in Berlin and aims to provide native filmmakers a forum for discussion and a way to promote the reputation of German cinema through publications, presentations, discussions and regular promotion of the subject in the schools.

After watching your first German movie with German subtitles, you 8767 ll probably even find yourself more comfortable with  that tricky German word order.  Turning off the subtitles entirely is the next step , and a challenge for your listening comprehension.

If you want to take learning with subtitles to a whole new level, try learning with authentic videos on FluentU!

Both a television and radio channel, MDR also includes a free library of both films and television shows. The site is constantly updated as these films and programs are shown on German television, so you can keep up on the same films that are being shown to the native German audience.

Language Hacker&rsquo s Notes
If you&rsquo re relatively new to German, then this film may be perfect for you. The actors speak a clear and easy-to-understand German, perfect for those still early in their study of the language.

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