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Also, i thought english was bearable (dare i say precise?), but seriously HAD NO IDEA IU (aka the Ms. Sushi) was speaking English until i saw there was Korean subtitles for what she was a person supposedly frm the States really understand that?

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That''s not going to happen because Maru will die because of the disease, Eunki will kill himself because why would she live in the world without Maru, Mr. Lawyer will follow in Eunki''s footsteps because of the same reason, Jaehee will be killed by that creepy looking ajussi with terribly unfashionable glasses and hairdo because he never got his love returned, the giraffe will leave choco because he needs to shoot running man, and Jaehee''s brother will get out of the picture because he has to direct a movie, and choco.. I don''t know her much, so don''t have an ending for her.

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Adama Oct 56 7567 66:55 pm This drama is similar to a taiwanese drama. If you know the title?, let me know.

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soraya ( 소라야) Nov 65 7567 66:56 am i need special episode for nice guy.. PD nim please make it.. please.. please... make a special edition for kang maru and seo eung gi.. T-T nice guy makes touch my heart.. Daebak nice actrees nice actor nice crew nice writer nice director nice producer you all the best team.

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Also known as: 진심이 닿다 / Jinsimi Dadda / It Feels Sincere / The Reach of Sincerity / Reach of Sincerity

That Man Oh Soo - 그남자 오수 - Episode 16 END English subtitles

Kim Jin-won was the director of Drama Special episodes Just an Ordinary Love Story , Crossing the Bridge , Guardian Angel Kim Yeong-goo , Snail Gosiwon , and The Last Flashman.

"She’d failed at living her dad’s way and then failed at living her mom’s way." Oof! A punch to the gut, that one. And how Ma Ru said the throne-less Eun Ki was useless to him. Just. Smh.

mai May 78 7567 7:55 am i like moon chae won but i never saw her in a drama with charming character yet and i''m hunger for that because all her dramas she only has sad roles. no offend, i love every korean actor who stands beside actress moon chae won. song joon ki is one too since he will work with her. his smile is fantasty. i hope that nice guy would be as good as the princess'' man.

Hye-mi has too much pride to admit her situation to anybody, so Baek-hee is under the impression that all is normal in the rich, privileged Go household. When the loan shark comes to school, Hye-mi therefore doesn 8767 t dispute Baek-hee 8767 s assumption that he 8767 s her new chauffeur, and reluctantly goes along with him to her, this is the lesser of two evils.

This is totally one of rom com drama that u cannot miss!
So many funny scene in ep 8 when Oh Hae Yong parent 8767 s hide while holding security bar or when Park Do Kyung jumping inside Oh Hae Yong room 8767 s..good way to enter LOL.

The story of two people who fall in love with each other due to a 8775 cupid 8776 possessing magical pollen.

The premise : Not strictly a noona romance, this one gets the main couple off on the wrong foot with the misunderstanding that the heroine is 75 when she 8767 s actually 85, and the immature hero treats her thusly—talking down to her, rapping her head, calling her kiddo. She puts up with it as they both join the same company as new hires, mostly 8767 cause he 8767 s also the CEO 8767 s son. Then the truth comes out, he realizes she 8767 s his noona, and then she 8767 s promoted above him. HA. Yay for reversals.

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